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“I have always been fascinated with nature's sculptures that lay within landscapes. I’m hyper-observant to the growth patterns that occur. I experience a feeling of nature reaching out to me to be seen. The obscurities of how, for an example, trees grow in a dance-like movement over time speak to me from the Divine’s miraculous and intelligent craft. Graceful twists and turns have the essence of flowing energy, and in our human time they appear frozen. In my work, I enjoy capturing those movements, colors and create compositions that tell a story. I give my work personalities or elements of adornment that depict the story I have imagined, and the essence of the subject. My work’s inspiration comes from Texas landscapes, driftwoods and skulls found along the way. The Pacific Northwest and Costa Rican beaches are homes of my driftwood representations, and the inspirations of New Mexico’s high deserts have moved my heart for as long as I can remember. In short, Earth is beautiful. I celebrate her by tapping into an emotional and spiritual presence within. I’m inspired to interpret my experiences with Mother Nature’s settings that I collect from my travels and home surroundings, and share the stories I see.” — JR Rapier