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I have always been fascinated with nature's sculptures that lay within landscapes and the wilderness. In my work, I enjoy capturing the shapes, colors and compositions of those objects and landscapes. I collect dead, lifeless things like skulls, rock and driftwood, like many nature lovers do. The objects I find have a story — they served as part of a living being at one time. Whether it was a river, a tree or an animal, there is something mystic about finding something that once was alive and then left behind. When I paint I give the once living now dead, a life again. Only, as they are, but with movement, color and spirit. My paintings are landscapes from Austin and the surrounding areas like Inks Lake, Pedernales Falls and the northern parts of the Pedernales River, Washington State beach, Costa Rica, California and Nevada deserts. My still-life paintings are of bones I have picked up from hikes around Austin greenbelts and from my own backyard. In short, Earth is beautiful. I celebrate her by tapping into an emotional and spiritual presence within. I’m inspired to interpret the objects and places I collect from my travels and home surroundings, and share the stories I see.